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    Introducing WhatsApp Insurance and ZINARA renewal platform

    In a quest to  improve customer service and bring convenience to clients , we have introduced the WhatsApp Insurance and ZINARA licencing renewal platform. The platform allows clients to renew their Road Traffic Act (RTA) , or Full Third Party (FTP) insurance as well as ZINARA and radio licence instantly. The development is set to take convenience to a new level as clients no longer have to queue for insurance and licences but can now do it in the comfort of their homes anytime of the day. Collection of discs can be done at the nearest post office. The WhatsApp renewal number is 263786206182.

    In addition to the online renewal platform, the company has also introduced a WhatsApp chatline which will enable clients to speak to our Customer Service personnel 24/7. The WhatsApp number is 263771622986.

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    Notice :Office Telephones Lines

    Due to the persistent challenges that we have been facing with our telephones, we have decided to terminate the following landline numbers:

    Harare – 0242 882060 /882150/6 and Bulawayo – 0292 230683/ 230651/ 230641/9


    We have in turn decided to terminate them and upgrade our system to VOIP on 08677000715.


    The number will be accessible to both our Harare and Bulawayo branches whilst we work on additional numbers.


    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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    The biggest fear people have when travelling is falling seriously ill in a foreign place where they do not know the language, people, or customs. Travel Insurance not only covers the costs of unforeseen incidents, but it also provides practical assistance when you are abroad-24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Travel Insurance is a “Peace of Mind” purchase for anyone travelling abroad.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Flight Cancellation

    We took heed of the concerns of the insuring public following emergency medical treatment and repatriation linked to coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The insuring public will now be able to access this new addition to our list of various products through our various intermediary brokers, agents, and our direct office. In the event of cancellation of flight, the company will pay the insured the costs of expenses which are necessarily incurred, during or in relation to a trip arising directly from coronavirus. This will include the unused and non-refundable portion of travel and accommodation costs that you would have paid or contracted to pay, and you suffer financial loss if you cancel before the start of your trip because of any of the following.

    • You, your travel companion(s), or any person you have arranged to stay with during your trip receiving a positive diagnosis of coronavirus within 14 days of the start of the trip.
    • You, your travel companion(s), or any person you have arranged to stay with during your trip being admitted to hospital due to coronavirus within 28 days of the start of the trip.
    • Your booked accommodation being required to close after you checked in at your booked accommodation because of coronavirus.
    • You or your travel companion(s) being denied boarding following either a positive coronavirus diagnosis or receiving a temperature or other medical test reading which falls outside of the transport provider’s terms of travel.

    Coronavirus (COVID -19) Emergency Medical and other expenses

    In the event of the insured, falling sick and requiring emergency medical treatment, the company will pay for the expenses which are necessarily incurred, during a trip because of the insured suffering from coronavirus which include Emergency medical, surgical, hospital, ambulance and nursing fees and charges incurred outside of your Country of Residence.

    It is highly recommended that the insured obtain a positive result for a government certified coronavirus test in the country of departure prior to departure or from the country of destination prior to your return journey.



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