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    Crop Insurance

    Crop insurance is provided for a wide range of crops ranging from Wheat & Barley, Maize, Beans, and Sugarcane among others. The insurance covers field to floor risks ranging from Fire, lightning, explosion, hail, frost and windstorm. The covers provided under crop insurance come in both standard offerings and special tailored insurance for specific crops.

    Tobacco Hail Insurance

    With an annual production of over 250 million kg in Zimbabwe, tobacco insurance is a key agricultural product that we provide to support the agricultural sector. Unlike most crops tobacco is harvested as leaves thus vagaries of weather like hailstorms and windstorms year in year out cause great loss to tobacco production. Our tobacco hail and windstorm policy covers such losses.

    Tobacco Field to Floor

    The process of curing and processing tobacco involves use of fire and special boilers. The possibility of the tobacco catching fire is huge. As such, the tobacco field to floor insurance provides cover for fire, lightning and explosion on the farmers value chain. Transportation risks like theft, collision and overturning of trucks are also covered.

    Farm Combined Insurance

    Farm combined insurance specifically provides cover for every foreseeable exposure that a farmer might face. It is a form of comprehensive approach to risk. The cover provided ranges from farm buildings, plant and machinery, employees and motor vehicles. This is a packaged insurance product providing total farming risk solutions to the farmer.