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    leading short term insuranceCorporate Governance

    Alliance is committed to the highest level of corporate governance, integrity and ethics. The Board of Directors carries the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that governance standards are set, consistently reviewed in line with international best practice and adhered to.

    The Board is assisted by senior management in instilling a culture of compliance in all functions across the company.

    Sound corporate governance processes and structures are considered by the board to be pivotal to delivering sustainable growth for all stakeholders. To this end, the Board has established various committees to ensure oversight and accountability

    The Board of Directors

    The Board comprises of individuals of integrity with diverse business experience including legal experts, accountants, entrepreneurs and industrialists in various sectors of the economy. This enhances the quality of input in Board oversight on the operations of Alliance.


    Alliance maintains its vibrancy by employing a young management team with the right combination of skills and experience reflecting the appropriate breadth of the insurance industry expertise.
    We remain focused on building the right talent strategy, capable of responding to emerging opportunities and risks. We also enforce a risk culture that consistently influences, directs and aligns with the strategy, ethics, values and objectives of our business
    To sustain our success, we shall go out of our way to build new relationships, embrace uncertainty and remain positive about change, draw as many perspectives as possible about the future, establish a compelling vision shared by all stakeholders as well as adopting an open inquiring mindset unconstrained by current horizons.

    Risk Management

    The Board of Directors and Senior Management of Alliance realize the need to manage risk in exchange for potential returns and that there can be danger in excessive risk-taking, just as there is danger in excessive risk aversion.

    As a result, the Company continues to drive the take up of a risk culture which makes risk management a dynamic enterprise-wide application that is integrated into all aspects of business.

    The focus of the Company includes an ongoing effort to assess and analyze the most likely areas of future risk including how the inter-relationships and contours of existing risks may change and how processes for anticipating future risks are developed.

    The Board of Directors continues to review risk management by discussing with Senior Management the most likely sources of material future risks and how the Company may address any significant potential vulnerability.

    leading short term insurance

    To be the leading short term insurance company in Zimbabwe.

    leading short term insurance

    To serve and protect our policyholders at the right cost while observing the highest ethical standards in order to maximize stakeholder value.


    We are guided by our corporate values as follows:

    • We strive to be ethical in our our business dealings
    • We believe in openness, humility and trust
    • We will upload our integrity in all our contact with our stakeholders
    • We will always be guided by relevant regulations in all our activities
    Social Responsibility
    • A healthy positive society is better placed to place business with us
    • We are involved in community programmes to create a better society for our products
    • We are an equal opportunity employer